Passengers travelling from Qatar are required to: a) have a laboratory test within 72 hours before departure and have a certificate proving a negative PCR test for the virus and b) have a laboratory test upon arrival in the Republic of Cyprus.

It is noted that the cost of the exams is covered by them and in addition these people will have to remain under house self-restraint until the result of the test is issued.

At their own expense, a laboratory test only upon arrival in the Republic of Cyprus:

1. Cypriot citizens and members of their families (their foreign spouses and their minor children),
2. The persons legally residing in the Republic, and
3. Persons entitled to enter the Republic in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

In such a case, the persons referred to in points 1-3 above shall remain in a state of compulsory self-restraint for 72 hours after arrival and after 72 hours shall undergo a molecular examination (PCR) again, at their own expense. If the result of the re-examination is negative, they are released from self-restraint. The result of the examination is sent to the email address

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How to Apply

Step 1

Please ensure that you read the Security Regulations carefully and follow mentioned instructions before you visit the Cyprus Visa Application Centre.

Step 2

Once you know the visa type you need to apply for, please read all relevant information to that category which includes its Visa Fees, Service Charges, Documents Required, Photo Specifications and Processing Time along with the Visa application form within that category.

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Know Your Visa Type

Before applying, please ensure you are very clear on your 'purpose of visit'

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